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Chu Nah Mi:
The Gigs

Photo of the band

Chu Nah Mi returns to the 2012 Gig In The Park in August! We last played there in 2004. Yes, it's been that long. Thanks again to all those great people who put on this weekend of great music every year.

If you want to book us get in touch by mail or phone 01223 500204

"Chu Nah Mi bring their energetic and poetic mix of ska, funk and low down rock'n roll to the Portland where the backroom is heaving. The sound is immaculately timed; hits you like a truck then picks you up with soaring Welleresque melodies, soulful brass and funky rhythms. The lineup: baritone sax, trombone, harmonica, drums, bass, and guitar is tight and powerful."- Adhoc magazine.